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Uganda Network of Businesses (UNB) was founded and registered in 2006 to promote the starting, growth and sustainability of businesses as a sustainable source of employment and income, public health and safety in businesses, quality products to consumers and fair trade for decent living and transforming the lives of the citizens while leaving no one behind.

Our Background

Ugandans have been rated as one of the most entrepreneurial people with ready willingness to start and run businesses despite the significant challenges (WBR 2018). With a sizeable but largely weak Private Sector, Uganda is still grappling with issues of registration and regulation. Small enterprises and individuals have to register their business from a highly centralized Uganda Registration Services Bureau whose services are offered at an exorbitant cost and therefore impairing access by individuals who wish to venture into businesses.

On the other hand, 80% of the businesses that had been established could not celebrate their first anniversary. The resultant premature exit of entrepreneurs from businesses meant transitioning from one business to other new businesses in search of anticipated sustainable and profitable ventures. Some of these new business ventures also failed leading to an accumulation of failed enterprises and hence more unemployment. This high rate of businesses failures also inspired the founders to search for alternative and innovative ways of sustaining businesses. Against this backdrop, Uganda Network of Businesses envisioned the need to support, promote, and sustain businesses as a primary solution to addressing the high rates of unemployment coupled with underemployment; unsustainable sources of income; and improved livelihoods that would translate into social economic growth and development.


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Our services range through varriety of programs and activites tailored to enable people start, sustain and grow businesses

Business Knowledge and Skills Development

UNB delivers business knowledge and skills development through a number of interventions including: seminars, workshops, business conferences, retreats; hands-on guidance; demonstrations; Exchange visits; benchmarking; advisory services; grooming; attachment; mentoring; coaching; job shadowing; internship; placement and; peer learning, caravan engagements. With these, the capacity of individuals and business entities are enhanced to start, sustain and grow businesses.

Business Development Services (BDS)

UNB provides business development services through support to individuals and businesses to undertake business registration, contracting and subcontracting, book keeping and financial management, legal and taxation issues, procurement management and business planning and branding, caravan engagements, business creativity and innovation hubs. UNB further provides technical support to individuals and enterprises in identifying business opportunities, emerging business trends especially in the field of e-business.

Adoption, Nurturing and Management Services

UNB through its wide linkages and resource pool on successful business practices, supports individuals and businesses in the adoption of appropriate business models, approaches and culture to nurture them into viable and profitable businesses. The interventions for nurturing include: hands-on support, advisory services, mentoring and coaching, exchange visits, benchmarking, grooming, attachment, job shadowing, internship, placement and peer learning, business creativity and innovation hubs. On the other hand, the enhancement of critical management skills is undertaken through interface sessions and other appropriate modalities to ensure business sustainability and growth.

Lobby, Advocacy, Networking and Partnerships

UNB engages with central and local governments to lobby and advocate for a friendly investment and business climate that underscores fair taxes, de-regulation and fair trade among others that inhibit MSME sustainability, expansion and growth. UNB has a database of existing business networks and partnerships for appropriate collaboration for downstream support of MSMEs. In this respect, UNB provides technical support for building networks, linkages, partnership, cooperation and coordination frameworks between Large Enterprises and MSMEs to contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) and promotion of joint ventures.

Change Management

The Interventions above imply that institutional and process changes will inevitably occur in the business enterprises that UNB will work with. Equally the individuals that will have been targeted by the UNB activities will undergo a mindset, work ethic and cultural change that will direct their involvement in income generating activities and business management. In this regard, UNB will work with the entrepreneurs in domesticating and effectively managing change and thus result in sustenance and growth of their businesses. Having embraced change, it is envisaged that the management of enterprises will continue to institute institutional and process changes as their businesses expand and grow.

Innovation and Incubation

UNB facilitates the identification of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) innovators, documents the innovations, link the innovators to potential sponsors/ financiers to incubate and replicate/implement, business innovation and incubation hubs. The innovations are tested and efficacy established. Among the key strategic interventions undertaken, is to develop linkages with existing investment hubs and grant agencies to adopt and cascade the emerging innovations.


Findout why should you join UNB and become a member

There are various reasons for joining Uganda Network of Businesses and these include but not limited to:

Free copies of our publications, Newsletters and Conference Reports.

Being among the first to learn about cutting edge business culture and practices and continue to have access to research and our outstanding business publications

Enjoying business exchange programmes which will enable you to visit other businesses in Africa and beyond to share and learn good business experiences

Getting involved, in accordance with required expertise in the Association’s consultancy activities, conferences and workshops

Networking opportunities with other peers and leaders in business so as to get an avenue for success and business continuity and growth

Enhancing skills through our capacity development programmes and services

Opportunities for promotion, funding and development of personal business ideas

Continuous strengthening of self-core business competencies by gaining professional satisfaction and advancement

Explore our different types of annual membership below;


Starting at Ugx45,000
Renews at 50,000

  • For only individuals
  • Renews annually
  • Training opportunities
  • UNB Newsletters
  • Workshop opportunities


Starting at Ugx5,000,000

  • For both individuals and enterprises
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • No annual subscriptions
  • Free access to workshops
  • Free access to trainings
  • UNB Newsletter



  • Awarded by invitation
  • Access to workshops
  • Access to trainings
  • Opportunity to facilitate trainings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UNB?

    Uganda Network of Businesses (UNB) was founded and registered in 2006 to promote the starting, growth and sustainability of businesses as a sustainable source of employment and income, public health and safety in businesses, quality products to consumers and fair trade for decent living and transforming the lives of the citizens while leaving no one behind.

  • Business Knowledge and Skills Development
    Business Development Services
    Adoption, Nurturing and Management Services
    Lobby, Advocacy, Networking and Partnerships
    Change Management
    Innovation and Incubation

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